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Free yourself from 
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We offer a new way to create, process
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We change the game, one slot at a time.

Mindslots provides
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Flexible sharing

Mindslots lets you set viewing and editing rights separately, not just for the main text, but for the slot titles and comments as well. This gives you the flexibility to use Mindslots in various working scenarios.


All in one place

Forget countless emails, folders and notes cluttering your project and your brain. Mindslots allows you to keep all the relevant text, discussions, files and information in one place. Easy to access, easy to edit, easy to work with.


Structured templates

With Mindslots, documents with the same structure can be grouped around the same template, so you can simply look up examples of content in corresponding slots in other documents attached to the same template. Saving time and effort, you can make new documents using your previous work. Repetitive work becomes a stress-free, time saving task.